Our Company’s
Welfare Partner – MetaBenefit:
Employee Benefits Services

Making Employee Welfare Convenient for Happier Team Members

Our Company’s <br/>Welfare Partner – MetaBenefit: <br/>Employee Benefits Services

Integration with MetaPay Payroll Service enables Seamless Management

  • Reflecting Employee Welfare Information in Payroll Settlements

    • Integration of Employee Benefits Service available with MetaPay
    메타베네핏 - 메타페이

Possible to Operate Welfare Benefits Tailored to your Company Culture

MetaPay provides customized welfare solutions to accommodate <br/>the diverse welfare cultures of each company

  • Administrator Functions

    • Adding and managing corporate welfare items
    • Member Application Management
      • Inquiry and approval
      • Process notifications
      • Amendments and rejections
  • Employee Functions

    • Welfare Application
      • Economic (Congratulatory money, education funds, medical expenses, etc.)
      • Cultural (Club activities, condo support, etc.)
      • Residential (Employee apartments, dormitories, etc.)
      • Self-development (Long-term service rewards, overseas training, etc.)

Our System Seamlessly Integrates with ERP Programs and Global HR Services

Establishing interfaces and ensuring stable data transmission <br/>with Workday, SAP, and Oracle services

  • workday
  • SAP
  • SuccessFactors


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