MetaSign, an Electronic Signature Service
that Satisfies both HR Managers and Employees

Make essential employment contracts easily accessible

MetaSign, an Electronic Signature Service <br>that Satisfies both HR Managers and Employees

Integration with MetaPay’s Payroll Service
Enables Seamless Management

Reflect employees’ electronic contract data in salary information

MetaSign Offers Faster and More Efficient Electronic Contracts compared to Paper Contracts.

From drafting to management, comply with labor standards law with electronic contract templates

  • Creating Electronic Contracts

    • Provides basic templates for labor agreements, salary contracts, and security agreements.
    • Offers additional features such as customizing forms (PDF only), adding signers and items, searching for members, and previewing templates.
  • Managing Electronic Contracts

    • Sends email or SMS notifications (verified by Nice Investors Service) based on member signing status (completed, in progress, etc.).
    • Allows users to look up and download PDFs based on search conditions.

MetaSign Seamlessly Integrates
with ERP Programs and Global HR Services

Establishes interfaces with SAP, Workday, Oracle systems, ensuring stable data transmission

  • workday
  • SAP
  • SuccessFactors


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Start using MetaSign, the electronic signature solution that satisfies both HR managers and employees, right away.