Attendance Management Service
that Benefits both for
Administrators and Employees

Complies with corporate regulations and laws regarding attendance management.

MetaTime, <br>Attendance Management Service <br>that Benefits both for <br>Administrators and Employees

Integration with MetaPay’s Payroll Service enables Seamless Management

Complies with Corporate Regulations and Laws
regarding Attendance Management

Customize work hours according to the Labor Standards Act, including the 52-hour workweek, overtime work, and flexible hours

  • Administrator Features

    • View work schedules/attendance records
    • Review application history
    • Approve attendance requests
    • Set up notifications
  • Employee Features

    • Record attendance (clock in/out)
    • Apply for leave/absence
    • Request overtime work
    • Apply for schedule adjustments (including flexible work arrangements)

MetaTime seamlessly Integrates
with ERP Programs and Global HR Services

  • workday
  • SAP
  • SuccessFactors


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Try MetaTime for simplified attendance management that benefits both administrators and employees.