MetaPay year-end settlement AI,
preferred by employees over HR managers

Don’t make year-end settlement any harder

MetaPay year-end settlement AI, <br/>preferred by employees over HR managers

Dear corporate managers,
how do you feel about the year-end settlement tasks that come every year?

  • HR 담당자보다 구성원이 더 좋아하는 메타페이 연말정산 AI

    "I can’t focus on other tasks due to employee inquiries."

  • HR 담당자보다 구성원이 더 좋아하는 메타페이 연말정산 AI

    "I’m exhausted from repetitive tasks and workload."

  • "I’m worried about risks according to tax laws."

MetaPay Year-End Settlement AI:
Reduce corporate manager workload, enhance employee convenience

  • Settlement time has been dramatically reduced. This is the fastest and easiest year-end settlement I’ve ever experienced.

    H Company Executive
  • The integration with existing personnel information makes the document preparation process incredibly smooth and easy.

    C Company Employee

Introducing MetaPay’s year-end settlement AI, benefiting both corporate managers and employees alike

  • No need to transfer year-end settlement data; keep using existing data as it is!

    Supports interface integration with ERP programs and global HR services. Utilize existing data for year-end settlement services.

  • Complex year-end settlement inquiries handled accurately and promptly by AI chatbots

    AI chatbots trained on patterns from over 180 clients and over 100,000 inquiries provide swift responses, reducing stress by decreasing employee inquiries to managers.

  • Easy year-end settlement completed in just 3 clicks

    No need to submit paper documents for year-end settlement data. From personal information verification to deduction confirmation and uploading files to the tax office, swiftly process year-end settlements with just 3 clicks through conversation with an AI chatbot.

  • Convenient submission of year-end settlement data for employees

    With access to PC and mobile devices anytime, anywhere, even field workers can easily submit their year-end settlement data.


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