No. 1 Payroll Service, MetaPay

Payroll Management for Rocket-Growth Companies

No. 1 Payroll Service, MetaPay

  • Company-tailored Calculation and Settlement

    Customized for company size, employment type, and payroll system characteristics.

  • Form Social Insurance to Severance Pay. Compliance with Domestic Labor and Tax Laws

    Stay up-to-date with the latest domestic labor and tax laws

  • Minimize Manual Work with Automated Processes

    Provide templates for documents such as severance pay agreements, payroll ledgers, cost statements, and various reports.

  • Prioritize Data Security with Robust Protection

    Possess ISO international standard certification.

The only payroll service compatible with
both ERP programs and global HR systems

For Global Solutions, Domestic Expertise Matters in Payroll Management

ERP 프로그램부터 글로벌 HR 시스템까지 연동 가능한 유일한 페이롤 서비스
  • Seamless integration and data transfer with Workday, SAP, and Oracle ERP
  • Comprehensive compliance with domestic tax, and legal regulations, including continuous monitoring and service updates

Basic Features for Payroll Management Efficiency

  • BASIC MODULE - 급여관리

    Payroll Management

    • Salary/Bonus Calculation and Management
    • Four Major Insurances Management
    • Severance Pay Calculation and Management
    • Tax Reporting and Management
  • BASIC MODULE - 연말정산

    Year-end Tax Settlement

    • Upload PDF Data from National Tax Service
    • Document Review and Results Inquiry
    • Upload Payment Statement Preparation Dat
  • BASIC MODULE - 인사관리

    HR Management

    • Basic HR Information
    • Assignment Management
    • Staff Status/List
    • Certificate Application/Printing
  • BASIC MODULE - 대시보드


    • Administrator Page (Gopay), Employee Self-Service (PC/Mobile Web)

We automatically calculate payroll based on employment type

  • Customized Payroll Calculation Formulas for Company Salary Systems

    • Salaried Employees (base salary, performance bonus, position allowance)
    • Contract Employees (base salary, overseas tax exemption, meal allowance, overtime pay)
    • Grade-based Employees (base salary, overseas tax exemption, seniority allowance, overtime pay)
    • Daily Workers (base salary, overtime pay)
    기업 급여 체계 맞춤 계산 공식 설정 - 페이롤 서비스 MetaPay Saas

Optimized for Domestic Labor and Tax Laws

  • 국내 노무 및 세법에 최적화 합니다. - MetaPay SaaS

    From the Four Major Insurances to Compliance with Labor Standards!

    • National Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, and Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance
    • Various taxes including withholding tax, local tax, and year-end tax settlement
    • Reflects the 2024 labor laws and labor standards act

We Provide Top-Level Protection for Sensitive Payroll Information

  • S/W Security

    • Real-Time Monitoring for DB Access Control
    • DLP Implementation for Media and Application Control
    • PC Antivirus for Personal Device Security
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  • H/W and Network Security

    • WAF & Real-Time Monitoring (AIWAF VE300)
    • IPS & Real-Time Monitoring (DeepSecurity(NW))
    • Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing Services
  • International Certification

    • ISO Certification, the most prestigious international standard

No Need to Request from HR Every Time

  • Convenient ESS (Employee Self Service) Accessible Anytime

    • Pay Stubs, Electronic Salary Contracts, Withholding Tax Receipts, and Certificates (Employment/Experience/Resignation) Application and Issuance
    • Accessible via PC and Mobile (Web)

Manage Everything from Payroll to Attendance and Benefits with Expansion Moudules

  • Attendance Management

    An attendance management service compliant with company regulations and laws. Easy for administrators, convenient for employees.

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  • Employee Benefits

    A benefits management service that aligns with your organizational culture. A welfare partner that enhances employee happiness!

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  • Electronic Signature

    Faster and more efficient electronic contracts compared to paper contracts. Manage easily with MetaSign.

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  • Year-End Tax Settlement
    MetaPay AI

    No more struggling with year-end tax settlement. MetaPay AI reduces the workload for company administrators and increases convenience for employees.

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  • Can it be integrated with our company’s ERP or global HCM solutions?

    Yes, Metapay has extensive experience interfacing with domestic ERPs and global HCM solutions such as Workday, SAP, and Oracle. In particular, Metapay is the official partner of Workday and the first in the country to receive Workday’s Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) certification.

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