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MetaPay: Payroll Management
for Enterprises

  • Ranked among the top 100 companies by market capitalization, S Corporation

    Providing payroll, welfare, and general affairs services for 3,000 regular employees of S Corporation and its 6 subsidiaries.

  • Global confectionery and food company O Corporation

    Payroll, welfare benefits, and Workday interface provided for 1,600 employees across O Corporation and 4 subsidiaries, and 2,800 employees at the Vietnam branch.

We protect
Large Volumes of Personal Information
with Top-notch Security

Hardware and
Network Security

  • Web Firewall

    We defend against all web-based attacks with the top-performing web firewall in Korea. (AIWAF VE 3000)

  • Intrusion Detection System

    We actively detect and defend against illegal intrusions on the network and monitor in real time. (IPS & Real-time Monitoring)

  • System Vulnerability Diagnosis and Security Review

    We regularly conduct security reviews through simulated hacking and vulnerability diagnosis.

Software Security

  • Database Access Control and Real-time Monitoring

    We strongly control and monitor user-specific access permissions within the database using the Chakra Max solution.

  • Document Centralization Solution

    We use the only domestic document centralization solution, SOLME, which is fully integrated with Microsoft 365.

  • Personal Device Security through PC Antivirus Application

    We control PCs through centralized management of Symantec antivirus.

ISO Certified

  • Information Security Management System

    Standard information specifying requirements for an information security management system. (ISO 27001)

  • Cloud Service Security

    Guidelines for information security controls for cloud services. (ISO 27017)

  • Cloud Personal Information Protection

    Support for protecting and managing personal information in the cloud. (ISO 27018)

Possession of Certified Reports Issued by Accounting Firms

SOC1 Type2 Report
  • System and Organization Controls Report

    Useful for financial statement preparation, the international certification standard report for service providers like MetaPay. (SOC1 Type2)

Accurate Bulk Payroll Settlements,
Tailored to the Company’s Specific Calculation Formula

  • Customized Calculations by Employment Type

    Regular, dispatched, contracted, temporary, etc.

  • Tailored Classification of Payroll System

    Salary grades, annual salary, bonuses, etc.

The Only Payroll Service Integrated with
Global HR Solutions

  • Integration with Workday

    Integrate personnel and assignment information from Workday with MetaPay.

  • Integration with SAP

    Easily import and export SAP SuccessFactors data.

  • Integration with Oracle

    Integrate personnel, attendance, and payroll date from Oracle with MetaPay.

From Implementation to Ongoing Support,
We’ve Got You Covered

  • Thorough Payroll System Analysis
  • Customized Configuration
  • Data Import and Integration
  • Rigorous Testing and Validation
  • Ongoing Payroll Management

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